ALL RANKINGS BELOW AS AT 22 November 2015                     Updated 21 December 2015

State Team competitor couples will be announced at our DSWA AGM 8 November 2015.

Please Note: In some of the ranking championships there have been no semi finals, due to lack of competitors, therefore results may look as though they are incomplete, however they are not, because all events were finals. Therefore sometimes finals may have extra competitive couples up to 7 or 8 to a final, instead of the usual 6 couples to a final.  

  • Results up to the ... AID Blue Riband Championship 13 March 2016
  • Next Ranking Event to be tabulated:  ADS Great Western Championship 3 April 2016
  • Further Ranking Event in to be held: DMIA Star Championship 22 May 2016

Please contact us if you dance and open event in a final, semi or heat and your points have not been allocated.  Please contact Jan Reilly Phone 92073010, or email This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.  as soon as possible.

Adult Latin Adult New Vogue Adult Standard
Junior Latin Junior New Vogue Junior Standard
Juvenile Latin    Juvenile New Vogue Juvenile Standard
Masters Latin Masters New Vogue Masters Standard
Youth Latin Youth New Vogue Youth Standard

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Disclaimer: Every effort has been made to make sure all information contained in these rankings is as accurate as possible at the time of its posting to this website, however human error may occur or some information given from results may have been incorrect. Therefore no responsibility will be taken for any incorrect information, but should there be, please contact the web manager of this site.

2015 WA State Team

Congratulations to all Couples from the WA Board!

Adult Latin                               Steven Greenwood & Hannah O'Donovan
Adult New Vogue                    Andrew Buswell & Kelsey Pincer
Adult Standard                        Andrew Buswell & Kelsey Pincer

Junior Latin                             Lucien Maart & Sabrina Serra
Junior New Vogue                  Tristen Chilman & Georgia Hunt
Junior Standard                      Tristen Chilman & Georgia Hunt

Juvenile Latin                          Dylan Chua-Limargana & Natasha Pilkadaris
Juvenile New Vogue               Dylan Chua-Limargana & Natasha Pilkadaris
Juvenile Standard                  Dylan Chua-Limargana & Natasha Pilkadaris

Masters Latin                          Chris Boon & Brooke Matthews
Masters New Vogue               Nathan Brown & Joan Zhong
Masters Standard                   Brian Taylor & Katrina Lloyd

Youth Latin                              David Santa Lucia & Ruby Gherbaz
Youth New Vogue                   Brent Shields & Kallie Bensley
Youth Standard                       Gavin Smith & Madeleine King

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