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Results 2018

AID Annual Championship 15th July 2018

ADS Live Lighter Night of Stars National Championship 9th June 2018

DMIA Star Championship 27th May 2018 

DMIA Metropolitan Championship 29th April 2018

ADS Great Western Championship 8th April 2018

AID Blue Riband Championship 11th March 2018

DMIA March Pageant 25th March 2018

ADS Great Western Championship 8th April 2018


Results 2017

Australian National DanceSport Championship 8th-10th December (Melbourne) ...
Friday   Saturday   Sunday

Fremantle Championship 26th November 2017

Live Lighter WA Open DanceSport Championship 28th October 2017

DMIA Star Championship 13th August 2017

AID Annual Championship 16th July 2017

D.A.N.C.E. Wollongong...   
Saturday    Sunday Premiers Room   Sunday Main Arena

ADS Night of Stars National Championship Ball 10th June 2017

Metropolitan Championship 28th May 2017

Great Western Championship 2nd April 2017

Blue Riband Championship 12th March 2017

March Pageant 26th March 2017 

Results 2016

Results National Australian DanceSport Championship - Melbourne
Friday    Saturday    Sunday 

DMIA State Medallist Pageant 4th December 2016

DMIA Fremantle Championship 20th November 2016

Live Lighter WA Open DanceSport Championship 30th October 2016

ADS Golden West Competition 9th October 2016

AID Rising Start Championship 18th September 2016

DMIA Spring Championship 28th August 2016

DMIA Dance Pageant 31st July 2016 

DMIA Star Championship 22nd May 2016

DMIA Metropolitan Championship 1st May 2016

ADS Great Western Championship 3rd April 2016

DMIA March Pageant 20th March 2016 

AID Blue Riband Championship 13th March 2016

Results 2015

ADS Australian DanceSport Championship 11-13 December 2015
Friday    Saturday    Sunday

DMIA Fremantle DanceSport Championship 22nd November 2015

Live Lighter WA Open DanceSport Championship 18 October 2015

AID Rising Star Championship 20 September 2015

DMIA Spring Championship 30 August 2015

AID Annual Championship 19 July 2015

Dancesport Australia National Capital Event 26-28 June 2015... Friday    Saturday    Sunday 

ADS Night of Stars (WA) 13 June 2015

DMIA Star Championship 23-24 May 2015... Championship Events   Medal Events   Teams Match

ADS Great Western Championship 26 April 2015

AID Blue Riband Championship 15 March 2015

West Coast Recreational Grand Prix 8 March 2015 


Results 2014

RESULTS   2014 Australian DanceSport Championship   Friday    Saturday    Sunday 

ADS Golden West Unrestricted Competition 2 November 2014 

WA Open DanceSport Championship 26 October 2014 

AID Rising Star Championship 21 September 2014 

South Pacific Championship 20 & 21 September 2014    Saturday Results   Sunday Results 

DMIA Fremantle Ch/ship 31 August 2014 

DMIA Star Ch/ship 10 August 2014 

AID Annual Ch/ship 20 July 2014 

NCDC Sunday 29 June 2014    NCDC Saturday 28 June 2014 

ADS Go for 2 & 5 Night of Stars National DanceSport Ch/ship 14 June 2014 

DMIA Metropolitan Ch/ship 25 May 2014 

Jupiters National DanceSport Ch/ship Results... Friday 18 April   Saturday 19th    Sunday 20th 

Monday Results Theatrical Crown Championship April 14 Melbourne Vic

Sunday Results Crown Championship April 12-14 Melbourne Vic

Saturday Results Crown Championship April 12-14 Melbourne Vic  

ADS Great Western 6 April 

AID Blue Riband 16 March