DanceSport Victoria's Strategic Plan

2015 - 2018

As part of DanceSport Victoria's involvement and commitment to the Victorian Government (via Sport and Recreation Victoria) our strategic plan has to be updated and submitted.

We have just finished our three year funding agreement with the Victorian Government and are now moving into the 2015 - 2018 applications. Part of this process is to review, revise and implement a strategic plan.

A strategic plan is a document used to communicate the organisation's goals, the actions needed to achieve those goals and all of the other critical elements developed during the planning exercise.


 Item # Objective Tasks/Strategies
 Current planned activities- to be submitted for 2015 – 2018 round of SRV funding:
1 Education & Training 
  • Develop and conduct training courses for Coaches and Adjudicators.
  • Develop training to assist RTF principals and coaches
  • Maintain Professional Development Program.
  • Subsidise leading world-class coaches to run specialised workshops and training sessions for registered competitors
2 Subsidise Regional competitors
  • Provide subsidies to Regional competitors who travel regularly to Melbourne to compete and/or for special coaching sessions.
3 To support the development and quality of provincial competitions/festivals in Victoria
  • Identify appropriate provincial competitions/festivals
  • Upgrade/improve competition with local DS practitioners
  • Develop process for Provincial event organisers to apply for DSV support
  • Seek feedback on previous use of funds 
4 Regular, sustained increase in the number of new DanceSport participants in Victoria
  • Build and strengthen RTF program
  • Develop promotions throughout Victoria
  • Develop an in-schools promotional program: -Develop “recommended” schools program (seek advice from current practitioners)
  • Assist qualified coaches to fill need for schools classes Advertising campaign (media and competition programs)
5 Support and improve  a range of beginner/ Recreational competitions throughout Victoria, in order to encourage participation in the Recreational Division of DanceSport Australia 
  • Identify beginner/”medallist” events that are not registered with DanceSport Encourage organisers to run Recreational events. Identify relevant beginner/ Recreational events -                 
    • Promote DanceSport divisions at these competitions
    • Promote Recreational sections at registered competitions.
  • Provide prizes for event winners 
  • Provide incentives for Recreational-event winners to register as DanceSport competitors; e.g. subsidised registration for first year registrations
  • Communicate with relevant DS practitioners 
6 Improve the professionalism of the DSV Board
  • Develop training programs
  • Source available training / experts Consult with SRV
7 Develop Members communication channels
  • Set up a Members’ web page.
  • Provide a Members’ feedback page.
  • Develop targeted and general online surveys:
    • Current members
    • Recent, currently unregistered members
    • Coaches/adjudicators
    • Studio Principals
8 DanceSport Promotion
  • Develop DanceSport promotional Events
  • Develop a DanceSport Promotional Month
  • Participate in State Sport Promotion events





































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