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Nova DanceSport Classic, date change!

About DanceSport in Victoria

DanceSport Victoria is your organisation, your voice and your support for DanceSport here in Victoria. We aspire towards a unified and harmonious industry, where we can all work together to enhance what truly is one of the best activities in which you can be involved, DanceSport. We continually work closely with the Victoria Government and Sport & Recreation Victoria to provide sporting and education opportunities, career paths, sport development options, for all members of DanceSport from competitors, coaches, officials and organisations.

Training and Education

As part of our commitment to Sport and Recreation Victoria, DanceSport Victoria is continues to explore ways of proving education and training opportunities for its members. Should individuals or organisations organise training days, lectures, workshops, etc DanceSport Victoria wishes to work with these people and provide promotional as well as financial assistance. DanceSport Victoria has in place a subsidy policy for its member who attend such events.

Rural and Regional Support

DanceSport Victoria is committed to supporting those competitors who live outside the metropolitan area of Melbourne who are actively involved in DanceSport. In 2011, DanceSport Victoria introduced a Regional DanceSport Development Program, whereby we provide financial assistance grant (up to $250) to those eligible competitive couples who travel to and from Melbourne for lessons and competitors. 

Further Information

DanceSport Victoria is an open and inclusive organisation that aspires to provide the best possible service to its members. The opportunities for competitors are on the increase with the strengthening of the relationship between DanceSport Victoria, Sport and Recreation Victoria and the Victorian Government. We look forward to the future of dancesport in Victoria and excited by the opportunities we can provide. Feel free to speak with any of our board members and/or the Executive Officer, regarding any of above information as well as other projects that are currently in development. 

DanceSport Victoria is strongly committed to you, the supporters and participants of DanceSport here in Victoria.

Upcoming VIC Events

21 Oct 2017
VIC - 2017 Wangaratta Dance Festival - Competition (DSA Registered)
Sheree Coulthard 0418 578 510 and Anthony Pepers 0418 989 474
04 Nov 2017
NSW - 2017 ADS East Coast Classic National Championship & Australian Pro Am Championship (DSA Registered)
Barry Wall 0410 572 234 or 0447 572 234
25 Nov 2017
VIC - 2017 ADS Nova DanceSport Classic - Competition (DSA Registered)
Adam Blakey or Susan Porter 0418 216 533 or 0409 002 563
08 Dec 2017
VIC - 2017 ADS Australian DanceSport Championship (Proposed)
Natalie Lonsdale
08 Dec 2017
VIC - 2017 ADS Australian DanceSport Championship (Proposed)
Natalie Lonsdale
08 Dec 2017
VIC - 2017 ADS Australian DanceSport Championship (Proposed)
Natalie Lonsdale

For ticket and other enquiries, please click on the event name above!

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