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Female, Masters 3

Julija Cvetkovic

Female, Youth

Ali McNiven

Female, Adult

Robert Rowe

Male, Masters 1

Lisa Plessius

Female, Youth - Adult

Suzanna Leong

Female, Adult

Greg McCormack

Male, Adult

Marc Fisher

Male, Adult

Elaine Vallance

Female, Adult

Upcoming QLD Events

Sat Oct 14
QLD - 2017 ADS Star DanceSport Spectacular - Competition (DSA Registered) Beverley Ball (Secretary) 07 3299 1464 or 0428 304 099; Organizers: Ross Heidke 0413019981 and Simon Salm 0408734419
Sat Nov 18
QLD - 2017 QADS Qld DanceSport Titles - Greek Club - Competition (DSA Registered) Michael Bishop 07 3821 2657 or 0428 117 282,
Sat Nov 25
QLD - 2017 Cairns Summer DanceSport Classic (Proposed)
Sat Jul 21
QLD - 2018 Just Dance Cairns Ballroom Titles Kevin & Riana Morellini 0416703414 or
Sat Aug 04
QLD - 2018 Glass House DanceSport Classic Bronwyn Molloy -

For ticket and other enquiries, please click on the event name above!

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