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DSA has recently responded to a growing need for the restructuring of ‘beginner’ competitions. Within the ‘Rules of DanceSport’ there were quite separate provisions / clauses for unrestricted, studio and other unregistered events and competitions. Further, the present ‘2 studio’ limitation on unregistered studio competition had become effectively unworkable in today’s environment. And, the recent innovation of promoters wishing to conduct largely informal events catering for ‘pure’ beginners suggested a change in approach was timely.

Accordingly, DSA has brought together and amended the existing rules, and re-branded and re-defined the present ‘Unrestricted Competition’ rules, and has created a new model for ‘Development Competitions’.

In summary, the new arrangements are -

  1. Studio events are removed from the Present Rule 19.10 (which provided for unregistered events), and are included in a new rule 19.10 creating Development Competitions; the restriction of ‘no more than two studios / teaching facilities’ is removed.

2.    The definition and consequent rules relating to ‘Unrestricted Competitions’ are changed to refer to Development Competitions (Rules 7, 14, 19.10, and 23)

3.    Development competitions become a form of DSA Registered Event that –

  • Are required to be registered with DSA on the prescribed form and carry a DSA fee;
  • Are conducted by DSA approved promoters (or approved promoter groups), including DSA Registered Teaching Facilities.
  • Are restricted to the participation of unregistered individuals and / or DSA Recreational competitors (with or without partners).
  • Exclude participation by DSA amateur or professional division members, except that DSA members may partner participating individuals.
  • May contain events as designated by the promoter, but must contain a schedule of formal Recreational events within the competition program.
  • May allow DSA Recreational Division competitors to participate in events other than Recreational events at the discretion of the promoter.
  • Are subject to DSA’s rules and policies, and acceptance of the jurisdiction of DSA.

with the foregoing description included as DSA Rule 19.10, and the present Rule 19.10 (amended as per item 1 above) re-numbered 19.11 ‘Unregistered Competitions’, with the changes introduced into the 2016 ‘Rules of DanceSport’.

Steve Edwards, Chief Executive Officer, DanceSport Australia

21st December, 2015

We recently announced changes to Rules of DanceSport 11.2 for the Masters Age Groups in which one partner may now be up to 5 years younger. Members and competitors should note that these changes apply to both Amateur and Recreational Divisions. Essentially, Rule 11.2 now says that a  couple competing in Masters I, II or III may consist of one partner being five years younger than the published age division bracket, provided that the other partner is within the age division bracket. For example: A masters 1 couple could consist of one partner being 38, whilst the other could now be 32. 

Feedback from coaches and members, together with some further statistical modelling, has caused a slight re-think in the awarding of ‘participation’ points within the new elevation system. Accordingly, National Council has decided that the term ‘participation points’ should be changed to that of ‘Bonus Points’. For 2015 and until experience with the new process is gained - ‘bonus points’ will apply to Juvenile and Junior competitors only.

The rationale behind this change relates to the limited time that these competitors are in these Age Groups. A Juvenile competitor has, on average, two years to move from C Grade to A Grade and when they move into the Junior Age Group their Grade will reset to C Grade again. It is important that elevation be achievable within the term of Juvenile and Junior so as to provide motivation for achievement. Within the 16 years and over age categories, the same restrictions do not apply, and there are far more event participation opportunities.

All previously announced conditions relating to this category of points remain – the points are style specific, and are allocated once per event. A full review of the ‘bonus’ points’ category will be carried out at a later date. For now, ‘bonus’ points will be allocated as follows -

Type of Event Juveniles & Juniors All Other Age Categories
Competition 5 0
Championship 10 0
National   Championship 20 0

Note: Recreational competitors are awarded ‘participation’ points on a more complex formula, which is unchanged; details can be found on the ‘Project 5000’ web site.


Under legislation - specifically the Australian Sports Ant-Doping Authority Act 2006 and its regulations – and the World Anti-Doping Code, the Australian Sports Anti-Doping Authority (ASADA) requires that DanceSport Australia (DSA) shall establish rules requiring all Athletes and each Athlete Support Personnel who participates as coach, trainer, manager, team staff, official,medical or paramedical personnel in a Competition or activity authorised or organised by the DanceSport Australia or one of its member organisations to agree to be bound by thisAnti-Doping Policy and to submit the results management authority to the Australian Sports Anti-Doping Authority (ASADA) responsible under the Code as a condition of such participation. All members of DanceSport Australia, via the process of paying their annual membership subscription, agree to be bound by this anti-doping policy.

In conjunction with ASADA, DanceSport Australia has revised its existing rules, and this revision is contained in the formal DSA policy – adopted by DSA National Council on 11th December, 2014 and  identified as CR002.1 DanceSport Australia Anti-Doping Policy which is available by accessing the link below, and via this web site at the tabs “About DanceSport”, then “Other Competition Rules” and then “Anti-Doping Policy (Effective 1st January, 2015)”.

Important Advice to all DSA Members - Athletes and Athlete Support Personnel -

  • ·You are responsible for knowing what the anti-doping rule violations are.
  • ·You must find out which substances and methods are prohibited.
  • ·Ignorance is no excuse.
  • ·You must be aware of the rules in this Anti-Doping Policy.
  • ·This Anti-Doping Policy adopts the strict liability principle.
  • ·Athletes are responsible for anything found in their system.
  • ·You must be aware of the sanctions that could be applied to you in this Anti-Doping Policy.

Also importantly, Athletes and Athlete Support Personnel must –

-        take responsibility, in the context of anti-doping, for what they ingest and use.

-        inform medical personnel of their obligation not to Use Prohibited Substances and Prohibited Methods and to take responsibility to makesure that any medical treatment received does not violate this Anti-Doping Policy.


Should there be any questions, I would be very pleased to respond.

Steve Edwards, Chief Executive Officer, DanceSport Australia

Ant-Doping Policy - Click Here

Upcoming DSA Events

28 Oct 2017
WA - 2017 Livelighter WA Open State DanceSport Championship (DSA Registered)
29 Oct 2017
SA - 2017 ADS Spring Chance 2 Dance (Proposed)
04 Nov 2017
NSW - 2017 ADS East Coast Classic National Championship & Australian Pro Am Championship (DSA Registered)
Barry Wall 0410 572 234 or 0447 572 234
12 Nov 2017
WA - AID November Cup - Recreational Competition (DSA Registered)
Pat Taylor 0414 681 567 or Adam Penn 0412 361 917 This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.
18 Nov 2017
QLD - 2017 QADS Qld DanceSport Titles - Greek Club - Competition (DSA Registered)
Michael Bishop 07 3821 2657 or 0428 117 282, This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.
25 Nov 2017
QLD - 2017 Cairns Summer DanceSport Classic (Proposed)
25 Nov 2017
VIC - 2017 ADS Nova DanceSport Classic - Competition (DSA Registered)
Adam Blakey or Susan Porter 0418 216 533 or 0409 002 563
26 Nov 2017
NSW - 2017 FATD Summer Dance Festival - Competition (DSA Registered)
Ann Marie Sasso 0412 629 436
26 Nov 2017
SA - 2017 Summer Ballroom Dance Festival - Competition (DSA Registered)
Rhett English 0413 596 644 or This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.
26 Nov 2017
WA - 2017 DMIA Fremantle Championship (DSA Registered)
David Birrell 0434 930 885 This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.
03 Dec 2017
NSW - 2017 DME - ArtSport by Ray Rose Champions of the Future League (Proposed)
Neale Byrnes 0412 683 553
03 Dec 2017
QLD - 2017 DSQ Development Competition (Proposed)
0422 967 267
03 Dec 2017
WA - 2017 DMIA WA State Medallist Competition - Recreational Competition (DSA Registered)
David Birrell 0434 930 885 This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.
08 Dec 2017
VIC - 2017 Australian DanceSport Championship (DSA Registered)
Natalie Lonsdale 03 9686 3737
08 Dec 2017
VIC - 2017 Australian DanceSport Championship (DSA Registered)
Natalie Lonsdale 03 9686 3737
08 Dec 2017
VIC - 2017 Australian DanceSport Championship (DSA Registered)
Natalie Lonsdale 03 9686 3737

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