Our friends at DanceScore have asked that we publicise their results "upload" policy so that DSA members/competitors can feel confident about how the results of competitions - where the DanceScore system is in use - are managed and published.

Steve Edwards - CEO - DSA

DanceScore Data Upload Policy


All Competitions where the DanceScore Scrutineering Team is contracted to Scrutineer, all Scrutineering sheets will be automatically placed on the internet. Recall Notices will be loaded immediately after each Round. Detailed Adjudicator Marks will be uploaded immediately after the presentation of prizes at the end of the Competition day.

Events that extend over a period of days will be handled on a case by case basis so that no Competitors are disadvantaged by the publication of Adjudicator Marks.

At Competitions where an internet connection is not available the detailed Adjudicator Marks will be uploaded within 24 hours of the close of the Competition.


Intent of Policy

To ensure all Competition Results are free from errors and available online for all interested persons.



From time to time errors and changes occur to Competition Results. These can be, but is not restricted to, such reasons as corrupt files or the Competition Organiser or Chairman changing a result due to a disqualification. There has also been delays in Results being uploaded to the internet which has caused issues for Competition Organisers.

As the DanceScore Scrutineering Team is directly responsible for Competition Results it is required that they have direct access to the FTP. This policy will directly address those issues.


Implementation of the Policy

To fix any alterations or potential delay in getting data to the internet all required files will be loaded directly to the DanceScore management URL. Competition Organisers are required to draw all data directly from this site. Technical assistance will be given free of charge to assist Competition Organisers in displaying this data on their websites.


This means that any required alteration to the Scrutineers Sheets will be immediately propagated to all sites drawing the data thus ensuring consistency.



This policy only concerns Competitions where the DanceScore Scrutineering Team has been directly contracted to Scrutineer. DanceScore does not restrict in any way those who wish to download the free Scrutineering software from our site and use it for their Competitions provided they adhere to the copyright conditions.