DSA’s National Council recently reviewed and approved the following changes to the ‘Rules of DanceSport’, effective as from 1st July, 2016.

Rule 28.1                   Music Tempi

The DSA music tempi is amended in the following dances -

Dance (Bars per Min) Present DSA Rule WDC Rule Proposed DSA Rule
Samba 50-52 48 48-52
Rumba 25-27 24 24-27
Paso Doble 60-62 56 56-62

Rule 13.2                             Elevation Points – Recreational Division

                                                The points required to elevate are now altered to 250 (from 300) for the Beginner and Intermediate levels.

Rule 13.6            Elevation Calendar – Recreational Division

Rule 13.6 is now -            In the Recreational Division the competitors ‘Level’ will be assessed at 30th June and 31st December in each calendar year according to the points system.

Rule 13.5 (b)       Bonus Points

(New Rule)

That Rule 13.5 becomes 13.5 (a), and that a new rule 13.5 (b) be added to read –

                                                13.5 (b) Bonus Points – Additional points will be awarded to DSA Amateur Division competitors attending DSA events registered at “Competition” level as follows -       

                                                                ACT, NT, Q’land & Tasmania                        20 Bonus Points

                                                                South Australia                                                 15 Bonus Points

                                                                NSW & West Aust                                            10 Bonus Points

                                                                Victoria                                                                 0 Bonus Points

Rule 12                Rule Title

The descriptive title of Rule 12 now becomes

                                                12. RECREATIONAL and AMATEUR DIVISION EVENTS and NOVELTY EVENTS

Rule 16.5 (a) (i)  Competitors Compliance with Dress Regulations

Rule 16.5 (a) (i) becomes

(i) ‘non-competitive attire’ as defined by the conditions for ‘Optional Simple Dress and Shoes’ regulations as set out on page 4 of the “DSA Restrictions on Competitor Dress”;

Rule 10.2 (b)      Adjudicator Licensees’ Return to Amateur Division

Rule 10.2 (b) is amended to become -

An application for membership in the Amateur Division of competition shall not be granted to any applicant who has been awarded or has held an adjudicators licence in the fifteen (15) years preceding such an application. In the circumstance that permits such an application being granted, then the applicant is to be reinstated at the A Grade level of competition. This rule does not apply to adjudicators who partner competitors in the events defined under rules 24.3 b), c) and d).