DSA has recently responded to a growing need for the restructuring of ‘beginner’ competitions. Within the ‘Rules of DanceSport’ there were quite separate provisions / clauses for unrestricted, studio and other unregistered events and competitions. Further, the present ‘2 studio’ limitation on unregistered studio competition had become effectively unworkable in today’s environment. And, the recent innovation of promoters wishing to conduct largely informal events catering for ‘pure’ beginners suggested a change in approach was timely.

Accordingly, DSA has brought together and amended the existing rules, and re-branded and re-defined the present ‘Unrestricted Competition’ rules, and has created a new model for ‘Development Competitions’.

In summary, the new arrangements are -

  1. Studio events are removed from the Present Rule 19.10 (which provided for unregistered events), and are included in a new rule 19.10 creating Development Competitions; the restriction of ‘no more than two studios / teaching facilities’ is removed.

2.    The definition and consequent rules relating to ‘Unrestricted Competitions’ are changed to refer to Development Competitions (Rules 7, 14, 19.10, and 23)

3.    Development competitions become a form of DSA Registered Event that –

  • Are required to be registered with DSA on the prescribed form and carry a DSA fee;
  • Are conducted by DSA approved promoters (or approved promoter groups), including DSA Registered Teaching Facilities.
  • Are restricted to the participation of unregistered individuals and / or DSA Recreational competitors (with or without partners).
  • Exclude participation by DSA amateur or professional division members, except that DSA members may partner participating individuals.
  • May contain events as designated by the promoter, but must contain a schedule of formal Recreational events within the competition program.
  • May allow DSA Recreational Division competitors to participate in events other than Recreational events at the discretion of the promoter.
  • Are subject to DSA’s rules and policies, and acceptance of the jurisdiction of DSA.

with the foregoing description included as DSA Rule 19.10, and the present Rule 19.10 (amended as per item 1 above) re-numbered 19.11 ‘Unregistered Competitions’, with the changes introduced into the 2016 ‘Rules of DanceSport’.

Steve Edwards, Chief Executive Officer, DanceSport Australia

21st December, 2015