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New South Wales / ACT

Srikanth Vijayakumar

Male, Adult

Gregg Foss

Male, Masters 2

Lisa Kalinina

Female, Junior

Kahli De Angelis

Female, Adult

Stefania Olivieri

Female, Adult

Grace Ingram

Female, Junior

Amelia Thompson

Female, Youth

Upcoming NSW Events

Sat Aug 26
NSW - 2017 WDC AL Luna Park Ballroom Dancing Championship (DSA Registered) Mary Barratt-Thompson 0412 517 464
Sun Sep 17
NSW - 2017 DME ArtSport by Ray Rose Champions of the Future League (Proposed)
Sun Sep 24
NSW - 2017 South Coast Ballroom Spectacular (Proposed) Donna Shingler 0431 190 145
Sat Oct 07
NSW - 2017 Riverina Dance Challenge - Competition (DSA Registered) Mina Savill 0428 288 086
Sun Oct 22
NSW - 2017 Spring Dance Festival - Competition (DSA Registered) Sue James 02 9979 6453 or
Sat Nov 04
NSW - 2017 ADS East Coast Classic National Championship & Australian Pro Am Championship (DSA Registered) Barry Wall 0410 572 234 or 0447 572 234
Sun Nov 26
NSW - 2017 FATD Summer Dance Festival - Competition (DSA Registered) Ann Marie Sasso 0412 629 436
Sun Dec 03
NSW - 2017 DME - ArtSport by Ray Rose Champions of the Future League (Proposed) Neale Byrnes 0412 683 553

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