Feedback from coaches and members, together with some further statistical modelling, has caused a slight re-think in the awarding of ‘participation’ points within the new elevation system. Accordingly, National Council has decided that the term ‘participation points’ should be changed to that of ‘Bonus Points’. For 2015 and until experience with the new process is gained - ‘bonus points’ will apply to Juvenile and Junior competitors only.

The rationale behind this change relates to the limited time that these competitors are in these Age Groups. A Juvenile competitor has, on average, two years to move from C Grade to A Grade and when they move into the Junior Age Group their Grade will reset to C Grade again. It is important that elevation be achievable within the term of Juvenile and Junior so as to provide motivation for achievement. Within the 16 years and over age categories, the same restrictions do not apply, and there are far more event participation opportunities.

All previously announced conditions relating to this category of points remain – the points are style specific, and are allocated once per event. A full review of the ‘bonus’ points’ category will be carried out at a later date. For now, ‘bonus’ points will be allocated as follows -

Type of Event Juveniles & Juniors All Other Age Categories
Competition 5 0
Championship 10 0
National   Championship 20 0

Note: Recreational competitors are awarded ‘participation’ points on a more complex formula, which is unchanged; details can be found on the ‘Project 5000’ web site.